Accredited Sleep Consultant Certification Course

We did it!!! Our Sleep Consultant Certification Course is now approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants!!! We are so happy that our course has been recognized and approved for accreditation by such a leading regulatory body in our new, exciting emerging field of infant and child sleep.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that when you enroll in our program, you are guaranteed a quality education filled with hands on training.

We can ensure that because accreditation means quality. It’s one way to ensure that we are offering what we say we are offering as the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC) is free to audit our course at anytime to make sure we are following their standards of quality education.

Why choose an accredited course?

Accreditation adds quality to our field and promotes a high standard of practice that we should all adhere to. Further, as a graduate of an APSC approved course, you’ll be on the fast track to becoming a member of the APSC. Although it’s not mandatory, with a regulatory body available in our filed, why not join it? Especially when it’s a perk of graduating from an accredited course like ours!

Our course is designed to train you to be the very best Sleep Consultant you can be. And that’s exactly what we strive to do in our program.

First, we guide you through our very comprehensive curriculum in which we cover everything you need to know to be a Sleep Consultant, and then some.

This material is learned through pre-recorded lectures, self-study, quizzes, assignments and weekly live coaching sessions will keep you on track and accountable.

Then, we take your hand and teach you to apply your knowledge to real clients in a hands-on practicum in which you will gain real world experience. This practicum will challenge you and support your growth as a Sleep Consultant.

Weekly group and individual coaching calls will support you through the process of working with a client from start to finish. We hold your hand and help you troubleshoot until you and your client experience success.

Next, we support you in setting up your very successful sleep consulting business. We provide the blueprint, you apply it to the legacy business you want to have.

Support and mentorship is maintained even after graduation with case consultations, continuing education courses, and live coaching calls.

This is the model our accreditation is based on, and it’s this model that will bring you success over and over again.

We guarantee it otherwise a full refund within 30 days of enrolling. Checkout our refund policy for our full guarantee if you’re not completely over the moon about our sleep consultant certification course. Although everyone who has taken our program has loved it!

You can’t go wrong with an accredited and approved course!