Carrie Ardel (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

“Jackie was wonderful to work with. I felt very comfortable with her right away. I definitely felt that Jackie spent time to fully listen to the issues at hand. Through our conversation I felt that she understood what we were struggling with, and the direction we wanted to go. It is still a work in progress but we have sound methods that are showing improvement, as this doesn’t just happen overnight! (Pun intended!) We learned steps to take to help decrease our baby’s need for the comfort of a feed (be it breast or bottle) to get back to sleep. I enjoyed learning these steps of the hierarchy of support and we continue to use them. It was very important to us to tend to our baby’s needs and not let him cry it out or even do timed intervals of crying. I knew in my heart there had to be a way to do this, and Jackie’s approach helped us maintain our desire to tend to our baby when he calls, while helping him become able to sleep longer stretches.”