Miri and Carmel (Edmonton, Alberta)

Jackie’s Little Dandelion Certified Sleep Consultant Course is great for anyone wanting to be a Sleep Consultant or anyone needing help or validation that they’re not alone with bedtime struggles!

It’s outlined to teach gentle approaches through maintaining close relationships with baby while allowing for self care and self correction. I had a routine but with terrible two’s and nap changes; schedules haven’t been as straight forward. Hearing her speak against the ‘Cry It Out Method’ really resonated with me since crying is a sign of need. All information was presented in an easy to follow format so I wasn’t swamped and went at my own pace. She added her personal opinions respectfully and kept facts concise.

Sleep training seemed overwhelming, but even learning terminology was a big relief. Recognizing/ naming what was happening got me to understand and empathize more with baby’s recent changes.

I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting a new career and to all parents, even with good sleepers, so that they get educated on the ins-and-outs of sleep ‘hygiene’ and what to expect from their little ones.

Miri and Carmel