Christina (Coquitlam, BC)

Working with Little Dandelion during our sleep coaching really built my confidence that I could get my baby down for her naps independently without causing stress to us both. The plan we worked on together had Isabel sleeping in her crib on her own in one week, and gave me the tools and tips to continue on my own with her for all three of her daytime naps and the beginning of the evening sleep routine. What I really appreciated about Little Dandelion’s consultation was that they listened to my goals and intuitively understood what kind of relationship and routine I wanted to continue with my daughter, maybe even before I knew it myself! They were positive and supportive, and I always felt that the gentle advice she gave me was manageable and achievable, even in my tired state as a mom of two; even when my whole household, including both my kids, caught nasty colds in the midst of sleep coaching. I’m most grateful to Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting for helping me get back time in my day for myself while baby girl has a really solid nap in the crib and wakes up so happy each time. I’d reach out to them again for any other questions or advice I need down the road. Thank you!