5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Past Self About Being a Mom

Being a mom isn’t easy and can be anxiety producing. I wish I was able to talk to my past self, when she first became a mom. That way I could get her to not stress over the small stuff. Read below to see what I would tell myself.

5 Things About Being a Mom:

1) It’s ok to not immediately feel connected to baby. You just gave birth. Your body went through trauma. You’re overwhelmed. You’re tired, exhausted and sore. Your connection with baby will come. Be kind to yourself.

2) You’ll have good parenting days and bad parenting days. That’s ok. Children are resilient if you let them be. Bad days don’t mean you’re a bad parent. A bad day is just a bad day. Everyone has them.

3) There’s no need to be perfect. You are already perfect for your baby. That’s enough. You are enough.

4) You will worry about everything. The anxiety you’ve grown up with will amplify with baby. Take a breather. Anxiety can be a good thing. Baby will be fine, and you will be fine.

5) People have unrealistic expectations about baby sleep. Don’t get discouraged by what you read. Follow your intuition. That’s all that matters.

I enjoy writing letters to my past self, it’s therapeutic. You should give it a try.