8 Things You Should Look For In An Infant Sleep Consultant Certification Program

Are you considering a new career as a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant? There are a lot of infant sleep consultant certification programs out there but not all of them are created equal. When choosing a program you want to make sure you are being trained by the best in order to be the best.

8 qualities to look for an infant sleep consultant certification program:

Qualifications of the founder of the program
The founder of the program should have been a sleep consultant for many years in order to be an effective teacher. They should also have other knowledge, expertise and experience to share with students to train them to be highly effective professionals. Moreover, a passion for teaching would make the learning experience feel more like fun rather than work.

Opportunities for hands-on learning
A high quality certification course should have a mentorship program or some other form of hands-on learning. Completing assignments is good to help cement the knowledge being learned however nothing is better than real world experience. Working with families while getting actual feedback during consultations is the best way to put into practice what is being taught while an excellent, highly effective sleep consultant.

Sleep Consultants work with families. They influence what parents do with their young children. Anyone who has that kind of power should be practising to the highest ethical standards. Therefore any certification course should cover ethics. There are a lot of infant sleep certification courses out there but only a very small handful includes ethics in their curriculum (when this was written). Our program, Little Dandelion Certified Sleep Consultant course is one of the few that covers ethics.

Curriculum should be factual and evidence-based
Sleep Consultants specialise in the science of Infant sleep and methods of teaching independent sleep skills. The information presented should be factual and evidence-based, not opinions of the instructors, and fear-based tactics shouldn’t be taught.

The chosen program should match your interests
Some programs train sleep consultants to specialise in one method while others teach multiple methods of sleep training. Choose a program that matches the kind of sleep training or sleep coaching you’re interested in.

Related topics should be taught for a well rounded education
Sleep is only one part of the puzzle. In order to be effective and solve the majority of sleep issues, the whole picture needs to be examined. Therefore, related topics such as parenting, medical conditions, nutrition, maternal mental health, etc should be taught.

Sound bite of the program before buying
When you find a program you’re interested in, can you request a sample of a lesson before purchasing? I have no problem sending a small sample of my course to perspective students to help them decide to enroll in my course. I would question any program that wouldn’t do that. In fact, we at Little Dandelion give away a sound bite of our Newborn Sleep Course when you sign up for our email newsletter. Email us for a sound bite of the Little Dandelion Certified Sleep Consultant program.

The price is right
Price isn’t always indicative of quality. It’s equally important to choose a high quality program filled with an interesting and relevant curriculum as it is to choose one with a reasonable price tag.

Why Wait?

We did the work for you! Some of those points were missing in the 2 certifications I took so I created this course to cover all the basis and more! That way, you get to be apart of a high quality, very comprehensive certification course.

If you are interested in our infant sleep consultant certification course and would like a sneak peak, email us. We would love to hear from you! You won’t regret it.