7 Ways We Support Your Business Launch

We’ve received a lot of interest in the Little Dandelion Sleep Consultant Certification Course so we thought we would take a moment to break down the course further and show you the 7 ways we support your business launch . This way, anyone interested can be well assured they are in good hands when they take the leap and start their new career. Let’s do a deep dive into each module, starting with the most requested one as it has to do with launching your business: Module 4 – All About the Business.

7 Ways We Support Your Business Launch:

1) Ethics
– not covered in other sleep consulting courses when we did research and created this course (but ethics is important with the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants regulatory body)
– ethics in sleep consulting covers 4 principles to govern your practice while respecting clients and growing your business

2) How to Market Your Business
– focuses on social media, email list, brand, website, blog and promoting yourself through small group and large group presentations
– how to stand out

3) How to Book a Client
– covers the consultation call and how to land that client afterwards
– also discusses when to decline a potential client and referring out
– insurance, liability, and disclaimers

4) The Process
– intake forms, sleep plans and troubleshooting are discussed
– step by step working with a client, from start to finish

5) Plan like a Pro
– subject matter expert, Jennifer Kolbuc from Mountain Top Consulting
– focuses on Instagram but can be used on other platforms (even blogging)

6) Assignments are also given to aid you with creating your business
– designing your business and marketing plan
– creating your intake form and sleep plan template
– passing a case study based off of a completed intake form (from a previous real client) to prepare you for the practicum

7) You’re supported with launching your business through module 4, and the accompanying assignments. We also offer group coaching, and individual coaching to support you with growing your business, as well as case conceptualizations to support you in working with clients.

Jackie draws from her own experience (she focuses on blogging, personal contact, etc but not social media) as well as from subject matter experts (that are really knowledgeable about social media, etc) to deliver the best information possible.

Our goal is to not only give our students the tools to launch a successful sleep consulting business but also to be able to apply those tools.

As always, we’re happy to send you one of those lessons for you to view to help you decide if this course will be a good fit. Just let us know by emailing us at inquiries@littledandelion.ca or fill out this contact form (don’t forget to include your email or we can’t reply).