Let’s Reframe How We Talk About Toddler Bedtime Battles

Let’s reframe the way we talk about toddler bedtime battles. When we call them toddler bedtime battles, we’re setting the stage for a negative experience for you and your toddler.

Have you ever heard of a good, positive battle? Probably not and that’s because a battle usually means two sides in opposition fighting to win.

Do we really want to fight our toddler at bedtime? No we don’t. We want to work with our toddler to achieve a peaceful bedtime, ending with them falling asleep independently as you go have some wine, tea, a bath, etc.

Therefore we propose toddler bedtime learning instead of toddler bedtime battles. Let’s work together with our toddlers to help them learn how to have a peaceful bedtime routine where sleep becomes a happy place to be.

A key part of toddler bedtime learning is sleep hygiene. But sleep hygiene for toddlers doesn’t involve just bedtime, in fact proper sleep hygiene included daytime factors, such as:

⭐ Physical play
⭐ Outside play
⭐ Positive attention from parents/caregivers
⭐ Healthy nutritious meals

With sleep hygiene in place, bedtime battles should easily turn into bedtime learning, which is exactly where we want to be.