My Sleep Coaching Journey: Putting Integrity Back Into Baby and Child Sleep Consulting

Where did the integrity in baby and child sleep consulting go?

When I was a sleep deprived mom and hired a sleep consultant, I was so very disappointed. Coming from my own therapeutic private practice, where I take a client-centered approach, I was hoping to find a Sleep Consultant who would take a client-centered approach as well. I was misled, and after looking back on my experience, I feel like I was sold an impersonal package not actually designed for me or my values. And it’s my fault for not following my gut instincts.

Leaving baby to cry alone because I’m not allowed to check on my baby until the clock tells me 10 minutes have passed is NOT a gentle approach. I would actually call that a form of cry it out which is not ok in my books. In short, that is how I ended my relationship with my sleep consultant and became one myself. It became clear that my idea of “gentle” was very different from my sleep consultant’s idea of “gentle.” As we parted ways I was determined to become a sleep consultant and offer an approach that was actually gentle in nature. No gimmicks here

Putting Integrity Back Into Baby and Child Sleep Consulting

I bring my education and training in psychology to my practice as a Sleep Coach. I aim to bring the integrity back to this field by not engaging in false claims.

In short, I will:

⭐ Not guarantee an exact time frame of how long my approach will take. I don’t do this because babies aren’t robots. They are complex little humans that develop at their own pace. That means babies will make progress at their own pace, and it’s our job to support them in learning the invaluable skill of healthy sleep habits in their own time with gentle nudges from us.

⭐ Never get you to compromise your values in the name of sleep. Compromising your values makes you incongruent with your inner self. How can you, or baby for that matter, have a good night’s sleep if you have to go against your values.

⭐ Take a client-centered collaborative approach with you. I might be the sleep expert, but you are the expert on your unique baby and your situation.

⭐ Not sell you a package you don’t need. In fact, if you don’t actually want a sleep consultant I’ll send you on your way, usually with a tip or two. I say this because I do get tired moms reaching out as they were told to sleep train but don’t actually want to.

⭐ I will put integrity back in the baby sleep profession.

The only thing I ask of you, is for you to stay committed to the process. Trust the process and positive change will come. You, your baby and your family will all be sleeping better in no time at all.

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