Let’s Talk About Sleep Regressions

Let’s talk about sleep regressions. They are annoying to all of us that love sleep but they are actually a good sign! Sleep regressions happen to every baby at different degrees. You might not notice any “regressions” in your baby, but your best friend’s little one might be having a really hard time. Similarly you’re baby might experience the 4th month sleep regression more than the 6th month sleep regression. That is because every baby is unique and develop at their own pace. Let’s take a closer look at sleep regressions so you can recognize one when it invades your sleep.

Signs of a Sleep Regression

Your little one might be going through a sleep regression if they:

  • wake more frequently
  • trouble falling asleep
  • more fussy or cranky
  • suddenly resisting naps
  • more clingy than usual

What Causes Sleep Regressions?

Many things cause sleep regressions, including:

  • growth spurt
  • developmental milestone
  • separation anxiety

No matter the reason, these “regressions” are a good sign and actually mean that your Little One is doing some serious growing! They are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

What Does Baby Need During This Time?

While your Little One is going through this phase, they need understanding, compassion and comfort from you. Some Sleep Consultants will warn against instilling “bad” sleep associations during this time by having baby rely on you too much. But if you’ve read our blog on sleep associations, you’ll know that we don’t believe in “bad” sleep associations. We recommend supporting baby through this time as that’s what they need. But you can support your baby while still helping them fall asleep independently, it’ll just take a bit longer as they are working on rolling over, crawling, baby babble, standing, etc. Try to keep a consistent yet flexible routine, support baby to nap using motion if working on night time sleep to avoid an overtired baby and ride it out with baby. It won’t last forever and afterwards baby’s world would have opened up even more.

How Long Do They Last

Sleep regressions can last up to 6 weeks but gentle sleep coaching can help you and baby through it with as little stress as possible. Connect with us to discuss how The Little Dandelion Way can gently nudge baby to independent sleep.