4 Things I Learned From My Third Child

Being a mom of three and running two successful business (sleep and therapy/assessments) is crazy making. But I love it as it allows me to stay home with my children while supporting my family. I know that’s not for everyone but it really is my dream come true. With that said, it’s hard to let go the perfectionist tendencies around my children’s sleep and really be okay with “good enough.” Because let’s face, with three young children, sometimes “good enough” is all you get. Take a look at the 4 things that I’ve learned from having a third baby and how they’ve helped me be a “good enough” mom.

Wake Windows are Just Suggestions

As a sleep consultant, I know wake windows are just suggestions. As a mom I would be so much more relaxed if they were the magic solution to infant sleep. With three kids I don’t always notice when baby is supposedly nearing the end of his wake window and that’s okay. I’ve learned that he’ll sleep when he needs to and sometimes that means longer than average wake windows for his age. Opps.

The 2 Hour Noon Nap is Real

What is this illusive 2 hour noon nap? Surely it’s impossible! I certainly thought so. My other two kids and the majority of my clients never get this wonderful 2 hour midday nap. But baby #3 loves it!!! Yippie!! Seriously though, I chalk this up to his particular internal sleep system. He likes it. I’m not touching it.

Any Nap Counts

Baby will sleep when he’s tired. I’ve held him with one arm as he’s slept while I’m making breakfast for the other two. Any nap counts, even a 10 minute stroller nap to the park. Yup they all count! I don’t stress anymore about the length of naps. Want to know why? I’ve got bedtime figured out.

Bedtime is Still a Hard No

Want to show up at 5pm for a social call? No way. Sorry Grandparents. We don’t mess with bedtime. Ever. No one visits, and we don’t have outings after 5pm. That’s a hard no. With daytime sleep all over the place at times the one thing we rely on is a predictable bedtime. Evenings are for us. We don’t change that for anyone. Not until the kids are older and don’t get so moody with less sleep than they usually like……well in that case we will never touch bedtime : ).

It’s so easy to stress about our kids sleep. Every parent does it. But try not to. Take a breath and try to let some of it go. Let baby show you their unique internal sleep rhythm. You might be pleasantly surprised. But if you need help, I’m here. All you need to do is ask.