Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative. We use your instincts as baby’s parent and we tailor our strategies to baby’s unique temperament and preferences. This way, our approach is dynamic, flexible and comfortable for every parent to implement. That means if you love sleep associations, then we’ll use them! If you hate them, then we won’t use them! It’s your choice. And the best part? It works. You will get more sleep. Baby will get more sleep. Your whole family will get more sleep. Without going against your instincts and what you know is best for your baby and your family.

We use attachment-based sleep strategies to solve sleep challenges allowing both baby and parent to have a better nights sleep. This is the softer side of sleep training, also known as sleep coaching. We take a developmental approach that focuses on normal infant sleep while nudging towards more independence when baby is developmentally able to do so.

We also support parents with toddler bedtime learning using connection and attachment strategies, not separation, to teach toddlers how to enjoy sleeping independently. Bedtime shouldn’t be a battle. Working together with our children eliminates the “battle” making bedtime a desired and peaceful part of the day.