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Certified Sleep Consultant

Hey there I’m Jackie! First I’m a Mom, and second I’m a Registered Psychologist in Canada, with a passion for sleep. I’ve worked with children and families for over 10 years and is always looking for new ways of supporting my clients. Attachment-based sleep coaching became a passion when I became a mom and struggled with sleep. I know firsthand what sleep deprivation does and how hard it is to tackle sleep. It took two of my own children for me to finally understand that it didn’t have to be that way. Now I’m so excited to share with you my evidence-based strategies of getting sleep under control for you, your baby and your family.


Attachment-Based Sleep Coaching

I use attachment-based sleep strategies to solve sleep challenges allowing both baby and parent to have a better nights sleep. This is not sleep training. Rather, I take a developmental approach that focuses on normal infant sleep while nudging towards more independence when baby is developmentally able to do so.

One Full Month
Mini Consultation
Troubleshooting Phone Call or Email


All or part of the sleep support packages might be covered by insurance.


  • Newborn Sleep Course: the 4th Trimester for Baby

    This newborn sleep course goes over normal infant sleep in the first 3 months, while giving you strategies to set baby up for healthy sleep without sleep training. I do this by discussing foundations for healthy sleep and how to nudge towards independent sleep.

    This isn’t your average baby newborn sleep course where a step-by-step plan is given that might not work for your baby. Rather, this course walks you through creating your own sleep plan that aligns with your values. That way you can be sure your sleep plan will be successful without compromising your values.

    Topics are broken down into sizable chunks including:

    • Environment
    • Sleep associations
    • Self-settling
    • Wake windows
    • Feeding to sleep
    • And so much more!

    All designed within a no-cry, gentle, evidence-based approach. What’s more is that you can babywear, rock your baby to sleep and hold your sleeping baby if you want to!

    All prices in CAD. Refund within 7 days of purchase if not fully satisfied with our course. Unlimited access for 6 months!!

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    • “Jackie was wonderful to work with. I felt very comfortable with her right away. I definitely felt that Jackie spent time to fully listen to the issues at hand. Through our conversation I felt that she understood what we were struggling with, and the direction we wanted to go. It is still a work in progress but we have sound methods that are showing improvement, as this doesn’t just happen overnight! (Pun intended!) We learned steps to take to help decrease our baby’s need for the comfort of a feed (be it breast or bottle) to get back to sleep. I enjoyed learning these steps of the hierarchy of support and we continue to use them. It was very important to us to tend to our baby’s needs and not let him cry it out or even do timed intervals of crying. I knew in my heart there had to be a way to do this, and Jackie’s approach helped us maintain our desire to tend to our baby when he calls, while helping him become able to sleep longer stretches.”

      Carrie Ardel (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

    • “Great Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Certification course. A lot of content packed into manageable modules. All strategies are backed up by evidences based research. I particularly appreciated the gentle approach with family values and needs at the core. Jackie took the time to meet with me individually to help guide me through planning for my first clients and was readily available for questions and troubleshooting. Great course for practitioners who want to learn about infant/ child sleep development, sleep learning and coaching families to meet their sleep goals.”

      Agata Dudzik, M.ADS, BCBA, Little Bear’s Potty

    • “The Little Dandelion Sleep Consultant Certification Course provided me with information, tips, and resources that aligned with my morals and values as a mother, caregiver, and registered nurse. I found value in this certification course. The information that stood out to me was the toddler care and attachment parenting with sleep training. I feel my knowledge has improved and am excited to implement these tools into my work.”

      Brittany Gervais, Tuck ‘N Time Sleep Consulting

    • “The Little Dandelion Pediatric Sleep Consultant Certification Course was thorough, informative, and easy to follow. The instructors have an obvious passion for teaching others how to identify gentle, attachment-based sleep solutions for families looking to improve sleep quality or increase independent sleep skills. They are knowledgeable, kind, and fantastic mentors. This course is great for anybody looking to enter the world of pediatric sleep consulting.”

      Ashley Rodgers, M.S.ABA, BCBA(St. Albert, AB)

    • We had a great experience working with Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting. Initially, my husband and I had different opinions about how to support our little one learning to sleep more independently. The sleep education they provided was very valuable in making us both feel comfortable with the plan, and the reasoning behind the approach. They were a wealth of knowledge about a variety of challenges we encountered along the way, and it was so helpful to have their expertise as we troubleshooted some different ways to support our little one.  I myself was very nervous about working with a sleep coach, and Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting made me feel heard, validated, and assured along the way. They always took the time to answer my (lengthy) emails with compassion. We saw some positive progress with our little one’s sleep after working with them, and after our time concluded, we felt we had some tools going forward to support him in making even more progress. We would absolutely recommend Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting!

      Jacqui and Brady (Calgary, AB)

    • Working with Little Dandelion during our sleep coaching really built my confidence that I could get my baby down for her naps independently without causing stress to us both. The plan we worked on together had Isabel sleeping in her crib on her own in one week, and gave me the tools and tips to continue on my own with her for all three of her daytime naps and the beginning of the evening sleep routine. What I really appreciated about Little Dandelion’s consultation was that they listened to my goals and intuitively understood what kind of relationship and routine I wanted to continue with my daughter, maybe even before I knew it myself! They were positive and supportive, and I always felt that the gentle advice she gave me was manageable and achievable, even in my tired state as a mom of two; even when my whole household, including both my kids, caught nasty colds in the midst of sleep coaching. I’m most grateful to Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting for helping me get back time in my day for myself while baby girl has a really solid nap in the crib and wakes up so happy each time. I’d reach out to them again for any other questions or advice I need down the road. Thank you!

      Christina (Coquitlam, BC)

    • I reached out to Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting when my son, Pax, was 4 months old. Pax had been waking every 2 hours since birth and I was feeling utterly delirious from the mounting sleep deprivation. I found Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting while searching online and resonated with their approach to sleep training; I wanted something that was gentle and catered to my own unique situation.
      I felt very comfortable with their approach from the get go. They were extremely responsive and involved all throughout our time working together. I felt heard and my struggles were validated. I saw major improvements in Pax’s sleep while working with Little Dandelion but most of all I gained the education and confidence I needed to proceed on without them. I will definitely be in touch again if I encounter any more roadblocks in Pax’s sleep. Thank you again!

      Andrea (Ontario)

    • Jackie’s Little Dandelion Certified Sleep Consultant Course is great for anyone wanting to be a Sleep Consultant or anyone needing help or validation that they’re not alone with bedtime struggles!

      It’s outlined to teach gentle approaches through maintaining close relationships with baby while allowing for self care and self correction. I had a routine but with terrible two’s and nap changes; schedules haven’t been as straight forward. Hearing her speak against the ‘Cry It Out Method’ really resonated with me since crying is a sign of need. All information was presented in an easy to follow format so I wasn’t swamped and went at my own pace. She added her personal opinions respectfully and kept facts concise.

      Sleep training seemed overwhelming, but even learning terminology was a big relief. Recognizing/ naming what was happening got me to understand and empathize more with baby’s recent changes.

      I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting a new career and to all parents, even with good sleepers, so that they get educated on the ins-and-outs of sleep ‘hygiene’ and what to expect from their little ones.

      Miri and Carmel

      Miri and Carmel (Edmonton, Alberta)

    • I was already familiar with Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting as I worked with Jackie on toddler bedtime learning so it was a no brainer to take their sleep certification course. I’m so happy with everything I’ve learned. This course covers EVERYTHING!! But the most beneficial part was the mentorship program. Three months of hands on learning is exactly what I needed to round out my education. New career here I come!

      Lily MacKenzie (Edmonton, AB)

    • The Little Dandelion Sleep Consulting Certificate program was so informative and easy to follow learning! The layout is perfect for any learner as it combines reading components as well as Jackie’s voice explanations throughout the program. It offers a lot of information on attachment parenting and several different ‘sleep training’ methods that are truly gentle for any family! The program also includes examples of intake forms, sleep plans and case studies to truly put all of the information into real life scenarios to prepare you for starting your own business! I recommend this program for anyone wanting to become certified as a sleep consultant and launch their own business!

      Melanie, Little Dreamers Consulting (Ontario)

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